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Andrea Hochgatterer

Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist ( dip CNM, fntp member)

Wellbeing Coach (ILM accr.)

CST practitioner (RCST, dip CCST, CSTA member) 

CFS, ME & Fibromyalgiaspecialist training & CE Effect affiliate.

Supporting people with acute and chronic pain & fatigue issues to regain their wellbeing.

I believe all of us are born with the potential to lead a happy and fulfilled life in a state of wellbeing and health; however life happens and stressful events can have a negative impact on our mind, body and emotions, throwing us off balance and out of alignment. 

How does this affect us?

We lose our ability to bounce back quickly and our natural self healing capacity is reduced, impacting our quality of life by throwing up a myriad of unexplained symptoms.

If we ignore these acute signs and don’t deal with issues at hand the result can be chronic ill health, fatigue and pain.


Why Choose Me?

I can help with 

Stress management

Recognise and eliminate chronic toxic stress and increase your resilience.

Increasing your wellbeing

Balancing all areas of your life to achieve a vibrant and fulfilled you.

Chronic and acute exhaustion and pain

To improve intricate chronic issues of fatigue, inflammation and pain all areas need to be considered and we need a multifaceted approach.That is why I love working with a holistic step by step approach addressing all areas of life using tools of nutrition, wellbeing coaching and a mind body approach to relaxation with CST, visualisations and relaxation methods to get you back in touch with your own body and learn to listen to its voice.


My clients take the lead and my role is to support, listen, mentor, coach and provide practical knowledge where and when it is needed.

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What clients say

I was diagnosed with a Hiatus Hernia and an H-Pilory infection in my stomach and though I got the all clear after taking medication, I still suffered from uncomfortable digestion and bloating after every meal. I was seeing Andrea for some nutritional advice anyway and she suggested to try some Craniosacral Therapy. Although I was not sure what it could for me, I signed up for five treatments. The first two really relaxed me and I started to feel some improvement until to my surprise on the third session, I felt my stomach physically move to the left and all tension disappeared. I have been fine ever since. Absolutely amazing! Thank You...

Barry (High Wycombe)

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