• Andrea Hochgatterer

Balance Emotional Energy For Wellbeing

Emotions are simpy another way of our body communicating to us that we are in a state of health and wellbeing.

Our body is hard wired for survival in the best possible way and is constantly striving to keep homeostasis which you might also call balance or even equilibrium.

Constant information is received by the brain from different body systems to keep us in balance. For example the vestibular system in the inner ear together with nociseption on joints, muscles and tendons keep us straight and upright, enabling us to walk upright and and move in balance.

Acid alcline balance needs to be maintained as does hormonal balance and our body is working hard to keep this going.

The presence of emotions is our body’s way of tell us that we are ok, or that there is something happening which is in danger of unbalancing us or could possibly be life threatening.

Emotions are simply energy in motion and we can feel their impact throughout the body.

A sudden bout of nausea of fear before an important exam, feeling of butterflies of excitement and anticipation, blushing with embarrassment, all those are examples of energy in motion designed to tell us how “ok” we actully are.

Remember emotions are designed to ensure our survival.

Those high energy moments need to be processed preferably by the body itself or by rationalising them by bringing them to the forefront of our mind. Once processed by the mind we can then experience and recognize them as feelings and learn to deal with them that way.

One way for example is shaking after a scary event. We can see this in the animal kingdom and children who’s reactions are still instinctive and untamed. This would be the simplest way of releasing the emotion from our nervous system

However, in our society we dont really welcome quick emotional releases, particularly if perceived as negative like sudden shouts of anger, tears of hurt and upset or shaking with fear.

Instead what happens is that we simply implode with those held emotions, we push them down, put on a brave face and worst case scenario we go numb, we freeze, and unprocessed energy simply gets stuck in the body.

Imagine it as a sneeze which you dont let out and what impact this could have on your internals.

We can notice the fallout from all our unprocessed stuff as tense muscles, pain, digestive upsets a continuous freeze respose, a lack of joy or staying continuously “highly wired” impactig blood pressure heart and lung function too.

In oriental medicine for example various organs are said to hold certain emotions; lungs for grief, liver for anger (hence we say feeling liverish) kidneys for fear, spleen for worries

Not to mention unprocessed traumatic events which can impact on our health and wellbeing for the rest of our lives showing up as mental health problems, depression, anxiety, problems with anger management, chronic conditions of pain and fatigue, overall poor health and an inabilty to thrive in all areas of our life.

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