• Andrea Hochgatterer

Finding your life purpose

Karin Mum and social worker says:

“I found my life purpose, which lights me up and gives me energy”

That is indeed a massive energy giver.

Finding your life purpose can be a vast subject however, knowing your purpose in life keeps you working on reaching your goals with positive energy and excitement.

Achieving your fulfilment in following your life purpose is a satisfying and uplifting venture.

It can make you feel strong and buzzing with energy and happy to be alive. Having a purpose in life makes you stride forward with confidence and conviction.

On the flip side when we are uncertain of what our purpose is, or have lost our way due to changed circumstances or certain life events impacting us negatively, we find ourselves lost, despondent, lacklustre with low energy and often a sense of loss.

Just imagine this:

You have a unique sense of fulfilment, working and being something that really makes you tick.

Everyday life lighting up as you follow your life’s path doing what you really want to do.

You feel inspired and happy to be who and what you are with the ability to live life in fulfilment.

You wake up every morning, excited, happy and looking forward to your day and every evening you go to sleep with a sense of achievement and satisfaction.

That would be fantastic, right?

Your life purpose does not have to be the job you do every day and earn your money with,

it can be a hobby, a sideline, charity work or being creative and making and producing things.

May be your purpose is to spread the word on a subject that’s important to you, to write about it, speak about it, make people understand, enlighten them, excite them to make the necessary changes you would like to see in the world.

You might find fulfilment in keeping everything in balance wherever you are or you want to be a “peace maker” making sure that negativity in people’s thoughts and actions can be resolved peacefully.

To some people, finding their life purpose comes easy, others have to work at it a bit harder, whichever the case, it will definitely bring many benefits to your life.

I run special “ find your Life purpose sessions” to support clients to regain their sparkle.

If this inspires you to take action, please get in touch.

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