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Updated: Mar 22, 2019

Sharon Brown of Lydian Events Ltd and Revival Sanctuary ( says “Energy within, to me means, feeling positive, optimistic and alive. When I’m feeling the pressure I take time out from everyone to recharge myself and go running in the park to clear my head.”

That sounds like a great strategy! Being positive and optimistic definitely keeps our energy going.

We think around 60.000 thoughts a day and most of them are negative, rehashing old stories of hurt and anger or hanging on to unresolved issues looking with fear and worry into the future.

That can create a seriously negative mindset which can have a massive impact on our health and wellbeing.

What happens in the body:

Thinking a negative, worried or angry thought automatically raises an adrenal response in the body, just as if the negative event was actually really happening and the body prepares for “fight or flight” sending a message of emergency to all your body systems. Heart, muscles, and lungs need all your energy to fight off an attacker or run away from danger whereas all else shuts down.

Your digestion, not relevant for survival, shuts down with the result of bad digestion, stomach ache, constipation or loose bowel movement;

Concentration and keeping your mind on the job? just not possible; even immunity is not deemed important in the stress response, oxygen supply only goes to the important structures, so all else is starved of oxygen.

Guess what, we have just found another trigger for creating a stress loop, just like the unbalanced blood sugar levels in last month’s post.

What this produces in the body is pain, inflammation, digestive trouble, low energy, tired and wired feeling, disturbed sleep, inability to think clearly and many more.

So taking time out to recharge is one great way to give your mind-body a chance to calm down, the parasympathetic responsible for rest, digest and sleep can kick in and your batteries are being recharged.

Doing regular exercise is an allrounder for keeping you happy and energised. It produces happy hormones which also reduce pain, it increases your energy in general, supports the Lymphatic System to get rid of toxins, gives you strength, endurance and a feeling of achievement.

Focusing on positive feelings is a great idea; even if things are not going too well and you feel down in the dumps so to speak try counterbalancing the negative feeling with something positive. Positive thoughts produce positive feeling which in turn attract positive energy and positive people around you. Can you feel the upward spiralling energy, taking you up instead of bringing you down?

Positive energy will attract positive energy
"Everything around us is made up of energy. To attract positive things in your life, start by giving off positive energy."

SO: put a positive spin on it!

For example:

“I think I really did a bad job yesterday, now I am feeling guilty and worried that I am just no good”

How about “ well the job did not go too well, granted, however (great word to use instead of but) I hardly ever make mistakes so I’ll let myself off the hook; today I will do a better job and I am looking forward to tonight when I can look back on a great day.

If you get stuck in negative energy or cant make your mind up about what you need to energise yourself, talk to a friend, read some inspiring books and of course get in touch and use your 30 min free phone call to get some support to start spiralling upwards.

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