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Updated: Mar 21, 2019

I have recently been pondering the elusive quality of energy in general and more precisely the energy we hold within.

Where does it come from and what exactly does it do? Do we always have the same amount of energy and use it differently every day, or is there perhaps something else going on?

I decided to ask the experts, namely all the people around what the “energy within” means to them.

Well the outcome, though somehow predictably, was an amazing array of different answers covering a whole spectrum of topics.

Claire, mum, housewife and student: “I am a Foody ! I love making sure I eat the right food every day to balance my blood sugar levels, this keeps me energised and happy within.”

Fabulous answer.

First port of call is our Blood-sugar level and eating the right things, makes sense.

A balanced diet of fruit, veg, complete carbs and good protein gives us the vitamins and minerals we need and keeps our blood sugar levels balanced.

Result: our body has great energy all day long, it supports our brain function and balances our emotions.

We don’t go into a state of hyper and then slump with tiredness.

We can live in a state of balance keeping mind and body happy.

What happens without a steady supply of healthy food? What if you live on sugary treats, simple carbs, take - aways, processed foods? well..

I am sure most people have heard of healthy eating and the benefits it gives us, but lets look what is going on inside the body.

Without the right nutrients your vital organs and all body functions will eventually show up with a lot of unpleasant symptoms, bad digestion, low energy, weight gain, muscle loss, tiredness, low immunity, unhealthy looking hair, skin and nails and many more.Your body will eventually run out of energy.

Think of your car, it needs the right fuel which needs to be topped up, no car can run on an empty tank and the wrong fuel will just destroy the engine.This is the same with our bodies!

A healthy diet can change your life
"The higher your energy level, the more efficient your body becomes. The more efficient your body becomes, the better you feel and the more you will use your talent to produce outstanding results." Anthony Robbins

Stress response:

Our adrenal glands kick in to flood the body with energy (your adrenal high, after eating sugar) will eventually get exhausted, the thyroid gland responsible for distributing your energy around the body will get exhausted too, leading to TAT (tired all the time) and many other unpleasant symptoms like for example weight gain, low energy, sweats, nervousness, low mood and disturbed sleep; your pancreas will have to put out a lot of insulin to reduce high blood sugar levels which in turn is very inflammatory giving your body even more symptoms. Honestly the list of negative symptoms is endless, so please if food is your energy zapper, find an expert or get in touch for a chat.

If you know it all but can’t maintain a healthy diet, then maybe something else is going on in your personal make-up that you are not aware of; in that case definitely get in touch and we see if I could help.

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