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Keeping inspired

Mary tells me:

“My energy within”, I found it during a coaching session with Andrea

It is to keep myself inspired to do new things and plan them ahead so I have something to look forward to. If I neglect to do that, I become disorganised, forget to do things and eventually end up totally uninspired which makes me tired and I start feeling really bad about myself.”

This planning ahead for joyful things is a pretty neat system to keep your energy going.

Planning ahead with a goal in mind can really positively impact your energy levels.

It keeps your mind busy with positive anticipation, screening out negative thoughts.

Excitement and positive thinking increase your feel good factor releasing hormones of dopamine and seratonin increase your positive energy by improving mood, memory and sleep to mention just a few.

Endorphins, our body’s natural pain killers, are raised and reduce the body’s stress response;

This helps to keep positive energy levels high.

Goal setting is one of the most important items on a coach’s to do list. Goals are there for exactly the reason Mary mentions.

To have a positive inspiring goal you want to work towards, gives your life not only a direction but more importantly a focus to concentrate on.

It’s like a camera:

To get a good picture you make sure to get the focus right.

We bring the object/subject we are interested in into focus so that we can see it clearly in all detail. If a photo is out of focus it looks blurry, to the point where we can’t recognise any longer what we are actually looking at.

The same happens with your real life goal.

If you want to try this out, start to create for yourself a really interesting exciting goal, a small one to practise on:

Start a collection list:

Collect ideas of actions, something you really enjoy,

collect images, colours and moods you want to be in the picture of your goal,

conjure up feelings, emotions, smells you want to be part of that positive experience,

then ask yourself how this is making you feel.

Fantastic, positive, full of energy?

Go ahead, put the focus on your action plan and set to work!

If you would like to learn more about goal setting, please get in touch, I teach this “ Art of Goal Setting for Positive Energy” on a one to one basis.

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