Positivity = Contentment

Sue, a fellow colleague, wax and hair specialist/artist at says:

“This is the energy I focus on when I need an internal boost:

Hope, Strength, Adventure, Learning and Contentment”

WOW one inspired lady! She is definitely on the upward spiral of energy!

So what this means is that focusing on positive feelings like strength and hope and fulfilling one’s needs for adventure and learning leads to contentment; or does it?

Well it really depends on what kind of person you are and if contentment is what you are aiming for. We are all different in our setup and what makes one person happy sounds like a nightmare scenario to somebody else.

You might be shouting at the screen at the moment “I know that ! how does that help me to keep my positive energy within going?”

We looked at how positive thoughts create positive feelings and how to replace negative thoughts with positive ones to put you on an upward spiral of positive energy.

There is another hot tip how to rid yourself of negative thoughts.

Start writing down your negative thoughts every morning, three pages of rambling negativity, get it all out of your system and put the paper together with your thoughts away in a box.

Try it and pay attention to what is happening over the next few weeks.

"Now and then it's good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy."

Fulfilling one’s needs:

Lets look at the bigger picture.

What are our needs in our life and how can we fulfil them? or even why do they need to be fulfilled?

The thing is we are all born unique beings due to our genetic make up, nobody is ever exactly the same as the next person, upbringing teaches us our values, the society we live in makes us fit in and adapt which can be a good thing;

However, what if this goes totally against what you deep down really are?

Living according to somebody else’s ideas can really drain your positive energy.

Write down a list of what makes YOU a unique human being!

Now think of your Values. What do you value in life, what do you need fulfilling to make you tick over nicely? What principles do you live by? Do old values still serve you or have you changed and find yourself in need of new values to live by?

Is it kindness, calmness, honesty, support, adventure or is creativity one of your values?

Write down as many as you can think of, pick the top five and incorporate them into your life.

These can act as the core for feeling of positive energy from within on which you can build your life and come back to recharge on like Sue.

If you can’t think of anything or this looks like a maze to find your way through, try this:

Sit down and write a list of what you really enjoy doing. Is it spending time with friends, a walk with your dog, helping others, cooking, dancing, or learning new things or may be travelling is your thing.

Still nothing? feeling stuck?

You can always use your 30 min free call to hook up with me and discuss this.

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